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What is Meat Searing: All Searing Methods

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The Right Choice for Taste: What is Meat Searing…

The secret of healthy life goes through regular and balanced nutrition. Doctors and dietitians will continue to inform many people about this. Immune system for a strong and healthy body; They underline that besides the consumption of vegetables and fruits, meat consumption is also beneficial.

An issue to be considered in meat consumption; is that the meat is cooked properly. There are many meat cooking methods. These meat cooking methods vary according to the food that the meat will enter. Meat sealing, which we have discussed in this article, is a frequently preferred method, especially ideal for cooking red meat. You can leave an unforgettable taste on the palate by applying the meat sealing technique for your delicious meat dishes. Here we share the secret of the meat flavor with this article.

What is Meat Searing - Seared and caramelized tenderloin
What is Meat Searing – Seared and caramelized tenderloin

The substance that gives the red color to the steak is myoglobin, the substance that comes out during cooking is not actually blood!

Quick Culinary Tips

What is Meat Searing?

When you put the meat in a pot or pan, it leaves the water in it for a while. Actually, it is not just water. It is the flavor of the meat hidden in its own structure. The sealing process is to ensure that the delicious water in the meat remains in the meat. A temperature of almost 300 degrees is required for this. For this process, turning the meat in the cast iron pan for a while is called sealing.

What is Meat Searing - Seared meat in pan
What is Meat Searing – Seared meat in pan

Why is Sealing Process Made?

The purpose of the meat sealing process preferred by large restaurants when cooking meat is to preserve the flavor of the meat. With this technique, the meat gets a soft consistency while preserving its own flavor. It is also applied in chicken meat, especially red meat, to ensure that the nutritional value of the meat does not mix with water.

What is Meat Searing - Sear with blower
What is Meat Searing – Sear with blower

Meat Sealing Techniques: How To Seal?

If you want to consume your meat without losing its flavor, you need to keep in mind a few tricks. The quality of the meat you will use, the type of ceiling and the heat of the stove determine the taste of the meat you will cook. Tips to know for a quality meat sealing will be as follows.

What is Meat Searing - Searing Methods
What is Meat Searing – Searing Methods

The meat you will cook must be ribeye or tenderloin. To make it more delicious and softer, this detail should not be overlooked. You can get it from the butchers you trust. Slice your meat 2 or 3 cm thick. Do not apply meat tattoo for sealing technique.
Grease the front and back surface of the sliced ​​meat with sunflower oil. Sunflower oil will get the heat in the pan easier. After greasing, you can salt the meat. So salt; As a preservative between the pan and the meat, it will prevent your meat from burning in high heat.

A good meat sealing is done with a casting pan. Cast pans, on the other hand, retain the taste of the dish and can spread the heat evenly throughout. If you do not have a cast ceiling, you can also perform the sealing in a ceramic pan.

Place your ceiling on the stove top. Open the gold to the utmost degree without fear. Your ceiling needs to be quite hot. Since you have greased your meat, you will not need to add a separate oil to the pan. Place your meat in the pan that you are sure is getting hot. A sound may come at once. This is the sound that the meat will cook smoothly in the pan. Fumes coming out of the edges of the meat inform that your ceiling is hot.

Cook one side of your meat without turning it for 4 minutes. Then turn the other face and cook the turned face for 4 minutes. When both sides cook for four minutes, lower the heat of your stove and cook for a while on the fire to cook the meat inside.

You can determine this period by understanding the smell and color of the meat. A common mistake in cooking meat is to dip a knife or a knife into the meat. You should take care not to make this mistake in the meat sealing process. Otherwise, the juice will flow out and the flavor will go away.

At the last stage of your cooking, you can add aroma to your meat by adding thyme or bay leaf.

You can take the meat that you are sure is cooked and cooked according to your taste to the cutting board or plate for service. You should rest for 3 or 4 minutes before consuming the meat you bought from the pan. Thus, the water in the meat will be distributed all over the meat.

Those who prefer chicken instead of red meat can also cook delicious chickens with chicken sealing tactics by greasing and saucing them and putting them in an angry pan.
You can prepare the chicken that you sealed the front and back surfaces for a few minutes, then turn it over low heat until it is cooked.

Sealing Process and Meat Cooking Rates and Periods

You can flavor the meat you will prepare for a pleasant evening according to the sealing time. Meats applied for sealing are evaluated according to 5 different criteria. Cooking times and meat characteristics will be as follows:

Rare: The meat is thrown into high temperature and stays for a short time. The taste and nutritional value of the meat, which is equally sealed on both sides, is preserved. The meat from the pan is left to rest for a minute or two. The meat cooked in this way remains red and wet.

Medium-Rare: It stays in the pan a little longer than undercooked meat. If you cut the meat when you take the meat from the pan, you can see that it gets a pink tone rather than red.

Medium: The meat, which remains in a hot pan for a while, is cooked to start from the edges. Cooking continues in the pan until the middle part turns pink. Cooked meats are also taken from the pan in the same way and consumed by resting.

Medium-Well: Meat at this stage is close to good cooking. Meat is now about to lose its pink color.

Well-Done: It is the way in which the meat stays in the pan for the longest time. It is generally not recommended sealing time. But it can also be an ideal technique for well-done lovers. At this stage, the meat was cooked well inside and outside. The broth was completely drained.

5 Delicious Meat Recipes That Pass The Sealing Process

1) Oven Chicken with Yogurt Sauce with Sealing Tactic
Meat sealing is a pre-cooking technique that is valid for both red meat and chicken meat. The flavor of sealed meats has a distinct place from other cooking methods. With this delicious recipe, you can prepare a delicious bakery meal by sealing the chicken. It might be a good idea for your dinner.

2) A Delicious Taste with Beef Entrecote
The sealing process you will make with tenderloin or entrecote will always give a delicious and good result. When you try this recipe, which can be a delicious idea for your evening menus, you can feel the taste of your meat better. By adding grilled tomatoes and onions, you can further increase the flavor of the meat.

3) Feast of Sautéing Meat with Sealing Method
We recommend that you do not neglect the sealing method for better cooking of red meat. With the right cooking methods, you can get great tastes at your meal time. You will love it when you try this recipe, where the meat is cooked to the right consistency for a nice saute. A buttered rice can accompany your presentation.

4) The Secret of Delicious Meat Sealing Meat in Sealing
You can try this recipe when you want to get the flavor of your meat. With meat sealing, which is very easy and practical, you can make delicious meals for your family and loved ones. If you want to get plenty of flavor with less ingredients with this recipe, don’t forget to add it to your recipe book and apply it.

5) Steak Sealed for Your Delicious Table
When you want to prepare a satisfying and delicious meal, you can choose steak. Moreover, by trying this recipe, you can reveal the true flavor of your meat with the sealing technique. You should not neglect to protect your health by giving importance to meat consumption even once a week.