Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This notice covers the entire hadipisir.com website, e-mail and RSS feeds. Please read the explanations in this statement carefully before entering the hadipisir.com site. Using the hadipisir.com site indicates that you accept the terms and conditions in force.

Rss Feed

hadipisir.com RSS feed and usage are explained in this section. RSS is a proprietary XML file format that makes it easy to keep track of newly added content. The file formats it uses are .rss and .xml. hadipisir.com offers a general license to use this publication. This means that the use of images should be excluded when the feed is included in a commercial use. All commercial uses of hadipisir.com (including advertising and revenue generating websites) are required to remove the pictures of the content in the feed.

How Web Content Is Used

The Hadipisir.com logo and URL should be displayed prominently at the top of each page displaying hadipisir.com content.

Internal links in Hadipisir.com contents can never be removed. Headings, text texts and other information provided by the RSS feed cannot be changed or branded.

At the end of each content text in the links, it is necessary to redirect to the related content of hadipisir.com.

Printed Publication Terms of Use

For your questions about print broadcasting please e-mail hello@hadipisir.com You can send an e-mail.

General Terms of Use

RSS feeds may not be added or otherwise redistributed by third-party RSS providers. No content, including any advertising or other promotional content, can be added to RSS feeds. All images must be removed when used from commercial publications (please contact us at editor @ hadipisir for more information) hadipisir.com reserves the right to offer RSS feeds and to discontinue or object to RSS feeds at any time.

Hadipisir. com also reserves the right to terminate the distribution of RSS feeds or to change the content or formatting of RSS feeds without prior notice. Hadipisir.com offers this content “as is” and hadipisir.com cannot be held responsible for your use of the information or publications.

It is entirely at your discretion to use the content of the site (including text and images) on your site or in print. hadipisir.com is not responsible for any complaints regarding your site or the content or images you choose to display in print.

THE FULLEST PERMITTED DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF COMMERCIAL VALUE. By accessing the RSS feeds or the XML instructions above, you indicate that you understand and accept these terms and conditions.

Comments Terms of Use

The process of writing an expression or text to the comments section on the site

hadipisir.com is only accessible to registered users. To make comments useful, the following guidelines have been created for comment users:

  • Do not post / post threatening, offensive, insulting, sexual or violent articles or materials.
  • Do not intentionally post / post false or misleading statements.
  • Any do not sell or offer to buy a product or service.
  • Do not post / post material / s that violate copyright.
  • Do not post information that you know is confidential or sensitive or violates the law / do not send.

Pay attention to the page, subject and title of the comments and to be related to the content.
hasipisir.com does not accept any responsibility for the information contained in the comments made on the pages.
The entire content of these articles and comments are the responsibility of the author. .
hadipisir.com reserves the right to remove this post / comment if it is determined that the comments made do not meet these conditions or do not fit the purpose. Removal / deletion of any comment is at the sole discretion of hadipisir.com.

Terms of Use of Visual Content

The visual materials (including pictures, photographs, drawings and other visual materials) in

hadipisir.com are written and added by our editors and contributors. Among the visual materials allowed for use on hadipisir.com are:

  • Licensed images from photo archive suppliers
  • Images provided to our editors by public relations and marketing companies for printing or posted to the public
  • On Flickr or other public photography sites images published and implicitly licensed under the Creative Commons license associated with these sites
  • Pictures that are open to public use within the scope of satire

notices of alleged copyright infringement in hadipisir.com, Turkey Copyright Office website at the Digital Copyright Act ( “DMCA”) should be suitable. To report a violation DMCA@hadipisir.com :

  • The full address / URL of any alleged infringing image, video, music, text or other content you want removed from hadipisir.com.
  • A valid e-mail address and your phone or contact number
  • Proof of your copyright for the content in question

In your statement: “I swear under penalty of perjury, that the information in my notification is accurate, that I am the copyright and the right owner. or act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. By making a written statement as “.

If you did not receive a response from us within 10 days for your claim of infringement, hello @ hadipisir. You need to contact us at com .

External Links Disclaimer

hadipisir.com routinely contains links to external, third party / party websites. Hadipisir.com cannot be deemed to have approved / deemed to have approved the information or products available on these sites, nor does it indicate any affiliation or endorsement with the linked site.

hadipisir.com is not responsible for information, products and / or services found on any external sites. In addition, such links do not represent the accuracy and / or reliability of any information, product and / or service provided on or through any external sites. It does not accept any kind of representations or implied warranties, including but not limited to, liability for infringement.

hadipisir.com assume full responsibility and risk in the use of external sites. Visitors should direct their concerns about any external link to the site administrator or webmaster.

Notice of Change

When hadipisir.com changes its Terms of Use, it shares these changes with the statement on this page and in any way I see fit to inform users of such changes.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or warnings that violate these terms and conditions, please contact us on our contact page.