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Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning: Brand New Again

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Why Should I Use Cast Iron Skillet?

Although cast iron pans and pots (cast iron) seem to be costly compared to other pots and pans, they are actually kitchen equipment for lifelong when used properly. There are raw iron and enamel shapes on the market. After you learn the reasons we will tell you, you will acquire cast iron pans and pans and you will not be able to learn how healthy they are.

Getting Away From Harmful Chemicals

Non-stick pans such as teflon contain anti-stick chemical components in their structures. These harmful chemicals may be released during cooking in pans that erode over time and may mix into foods and have a carcinogenic effect. Already only this effect tells why you should use cast iron products.

Iron Deficiency

If you are concerned about iron deficiency, using a cast-iron pan strengthens the immune system, which poses a higher risk for fatigue, difficulty in maintaining body temperature and colds and other diseases. You can prevent symptoms associated with anemia. Because the iron in the cast iron pot is absorbed by the food cooked at a rate of 15% during cooking.

Hygiene and Healthy Cooking

It is the first rule of hygiene in the kitchen, are cast pans really hygienic? the answer is 100% yes. They are hygienic due to their ability to be conductive, rise to high temperatures and hold for a long time. You can also control the calories due to the use of low fat during cooking. They offer healthy cooking as they distribute the heat equally on all surfaces. They also allow you to easily apply many recipes that start in the stove and end in the oven.

Before Using New Casting Pan

Let’s say you bought a new cast iron pan, it is necessary to make your pan suitable for food contact before the first cooking. As a term, we apply the process called “seasoning”, which is the same and essential for all raw iron pans. To do this, lubricate all parts of the ceiling thoroughly with a vegetable oil, including the bottom and the handle. If necessary, clean the excess oil with a cloth.


Bring your oven to 250 °C or grill setting, bake the pan you grease for 15 minutes, in the oven. As this process will be slightly smoky, it may be necessary to ventilate the environment, it is useful to open the pender in the environment. After the first cooking, it is necessary to repeat the same process 4-5 more times. It will protect the pan from oxidation by creating a layer in the pan after each process. Lubricate your pan in the same way when it is still hot, then cook it for 5 minutes by turning it upside down in your oven. You will see that your ceiling gets darker after each procedure. With the last baking, your pan is now ready for cooking.

_ Place in the oven upside down_

Casting Pan Nazıl Clean?

After each cooking process, add 1 cup of water while the pan is still hot and add it to the pan. Add remaining kitchen remnants with a kitchen sponge, soap and very little salt to clean them. Re-lubricate your pan if necessary after every cooking. In fact, you will season and add layers during each cooking. So never try to scrub these layers with a wire or similar scraper.

! Cast Iron Pan Cleaning _ Clean with sponge and very little soap_

! Cast Iron Pan Cleaning Completely dry

! Cast Iron Pan Cleaning Reapply and wipe off excess oil

How To Clean a Rust Cast Iron Skillet?

It may be necessary to clean the pan completely if you have not used your ceiling for a long time or if the layers that have been used for too long have been damaged and rusting has occurred in places due to oxidation. For this purpose, rub all parts of your ceiling with warm water and salt with fine kitchen wire. dry it thoroughly after getting rid of all rust. After the paste attachment is released, apply the lubrication and firing process described above and your ceiling will be like new again.