Sous Vide Pişirme Tekniği

Sous Vide Cooking Method: Balanced Cokking

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What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide offers a level of control that no cooking technique can catch, whatever you are cooking, errors due to the degree of cooking. Whether meats, poultry or seafood, vegetables, or even eggs … Whatever you are cooking, it is a great technological cooking revolution that allows you to cook exactly the way you want to cook with a little research, including professional or home kitchens. < br>

Sous vide is a French word and means under vacuum, in this technique the cooking process is usually done in vacuum bags. It is possible by supplying the temperature resistant and healthy bags for this. Of course, you should also have a small food vacuum machine.

Sous vide is the general name given to the cooking of any food by dipping it in water under precise and precise temperature control in a vacuum, heat resistant or sealed bag.

Sous vide offers a level of control to the degree of cooking you cannot have in any other cooking technique, whatever you are cooking. Whether it’s red meats, poultry or seafood, vegetables, or even eggs … Whatever you are cooking, it is a great cooking technique that allows you to cook exactly the way you want to catch the most appropriate cooking at what temperatures and times with a little research and technical experimentation.

Sous Vide Equipment

In fact, the materials you need a technical simple technique,

A heat-resistant vacuum bag and a practical household vacuum machine that will suck the air in the food. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, a locked food bag will do the trick. We leave the vacuuming work here to the pressure of water. The important point is that there are no air chambers in it. To marinate the vegetables, meat or fish you will make sous vide and add them to the sealed bag. By dipping it in the pot you filled with water and removing all the air, we will lock its mouth. If you have a vacuum machine, you can do the same with the vacuum bag.

You will also need a plastic container to put the water in, this could be a large pot. In this technique, professionals use ping-pong balls to completely cover the surface of the water to prevent heat from escaping. You can use stretch film to be more practical. The aim of the Sous Vide technique is to keep the water temperature as constant as possible. For example, if you are going to cook for 14 hours at 63 degrees, it is to keep the temperature as constant as possible. For these, there are different brands of water circulation heaters suitable for home use in the market. Again, a simpler solution is available single-chamber electric heaters that will keep the temperature constant, and these will do your job.

Sous vide What are the Cooking Time and Levels?

In fact, the incident is hidden in a very simple logic. The lower the temperature, the longer the time, and inversely, the higher the temperature, the shorter the time. The best cooking takes longer and less heat. These prescriptions are available in many places, and you can learn this technique very well by doing your own experiments.

Most people eat meat overcooked for bacteria to die. Well-cooked meat is just pulp, it has no nutritional value and has lost protein values. It must be a rested meat, before or after making sous vide, you can seal all sides with butter or marinating sauce for max 1Er minute and serve it in a high-grade flat-surface pan.