Cooking Techniques - Larding, Barding, Basting

Cook foods its own fat

Larding, Barding, Basting Cooking Techniques

What is Larding and Barding?

Larding is also called “Lardon” or “Lardoon”, adding pieces of animal fat, concept oil or lard, by piercing or planting the surface of the meat to be applied in order to further increase the flavor of the meat to be cooked with this method and to keep it juicy. given to the operation.

Larding application can be used by adding aromatic foods along with animal fats. It can be citrus, lemon, orange peels, garlic or fresh spices. Animal fat is cut into long strips and cooked by adding chicken, nuar, tenderloin, shank beef tenderloin and added to them.


"Barding" is traditionally a pre-cooking method, by tightly wrapping a large piece of animal fat layer on the entire surface of the meat. The fat layer acts as a preservative while cooking meat, keeps the meat moist and increases the flavor of the meat.

Both methods are ideal applications for long-term baking or smoking in the oven. If you want to eat delicious and juicy meat, you can try these methods.

Larding Basting

What is Basting?

This method is the most frequently used process by chefs. When cooking meat, it is a method of cooking by frying their own fats, marination sauce or butter added during cooking, by constantly frying on the meat.

It can be applied during pan cooking and baking. The liquid and fats of the cooked meat during cooking is the process of throwing it back onto the meat. This method ensures that the meat is cooked evenly and does not dry out.

Basting Applied Meat

Spoon Basting Application

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