Braisé Cooking Technique

Long Cooking at Low Temperature

What is Braisé (Stew) Technique?

Let's start with the meaning first, "Braisé" same as "Stew" is a technique to cook meat in low temperature with a covered pot in liquid or sauce. The meat cook with the steam of the liquid inside.

If you have enough patience, and if you are not worried about the charming smell that will bothered by the scent that surrounds your kitchen. And if you are curious about the expressions and the pleasures that you get when you present your food to your guests, you have provided the preconditions for braise processing.

For this cooking process of breasing, the foods starch molecule contents is broken; It also breaks the ties of difficult parts such as cellulose, protein, fiber, nerve, cartilage hard muscle / connective tissues to tender. It is the best cooking technique for hard or less quality meats.

The nutritive values of food are not lost during cooking. It also makes food safer by destroying the bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. It enhances the taste of your food and gives a rich texture.

To prevent evaporation, the cover must be tightly closed to protect the heat. The cooking time depends on the quality of the food and the ideal oven temperature is 160°C.

Braisé Cooking

Which Meats are Suitable for Braisé Processing?

It is well suited for braisé meats such as intense muscular meats or meats that close to the bones, unrefined fresh meats, cheeks, oxtail, such as wild boar, venison are very suitable for braising proccess.